Thursday, September 11, 2008

Accidental Proffitt

Check them out:

The majority of our posters are done for The Foundry these days. If there's one place to go to support local music you've never heard (yet), it's there.

Welcome to Team City

Team City Imaging is a design team based out of Omaha, NE that creates concert posters, logos, T-shirts and album covers (among other things) for local artsists. They also create headaches, late nights and missed classes for the three members of the team.

This blog was created to let our infrequent (but satisfied?) clients know what's going on inside our heads.

As most of our cliental are local bands still trying to make a name for themselves, we work for very little, often just some swag. Check out the link to our Myspace on the right hand side, and if you like our work, drop us a line.